A smidgen about me: 

My name is Asher Thayer.

I’m a traditionally trained naturopath who is passionate about helping and empowering you and your family towards finding health and wholeness through Naturopathy. I know from personal and professional experience that although an uncommon path in our society, Naturopathy is both gentle and potent, and seeking to find the cause of illness at it’s roots and correct the imbalance within the body is the BEST way to bring true wellness back to a person who's been sick.

Education + Experience

I am committed to not only the health journeys of my clients, but also to continuing to grow and learn and becoming through all of life. I received my Natural Health Therapist certification from the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Michigan, as well as the British Institute of Homeopathy (Classical Homeopathy) and Starr Commonwealth (Certified Trauma Specialist) working towards further certifications.

In addition to my role as a Naturopath, I also have a Bachelor of Science from Cornerstone University and extensive experience working with children and teens in therapeutic settings, specializing in helping children and teens struggling with trauma, developmental disabilities, and mental illness gain skills and confidence that empowers them to always be "becoming" the best possible version of themselves. 


My commitment to each and every one of my clients is to help each one find their own path to wholeness, by addressing the root of imbalance. Not just just by offering safe, effective, natural suggestions, but, most importantly by educating and empowering them to care for themselves.