getting to the root of it

Asher was first introduced to the importance of symptoms and roots when she was in school to become a youth pastor. She learned that people's actions are a symptom of their feelings and their feelings are a product of their thoughts. To help someone, really help someone, it's not about changing behavior, but untangling less-than-helpful thoughts.

A few years later Asher started her own healing journey with Naturopathy. A wellness system that is very intrigued with the "why" beneath the symptoms, rather than simply eliminating symptoms. She found healing and freedom from chronic bronchitis and discovered that wellness is a combination of learning to live with intention, learning to feel, relate, eat, and move through the world in a way that promotes health and healing. After this life changing experience she decided to go "back to school" and studied traditional Naturopathy in Mt. Pleasant, MI, where she earned her Natural Health Educator and Natural Health Therapist Certifications.

For her entire professional career, in one way or another, Asher has served kiddos, teens, and their families. Be it through running an after-school tutoring and mentoring program, or providing 1-1 mentoring for kids recovering from and living with trauma and/or mental illness.

Now a key part of Asher's practice is working with the mind/body connection. She passionately believes that as important as a person's physical health is, so is their emotional health. Most often the two are intricately intertwined.

This is especially true for survivors of trauma. In April of 2017 Asher became a Certified Trauma Specialist through Starr Global and the Center for Trauma and Loss in Children. Her goal being to fill a gap in the natural health community and to bring together her love for helping others find health, wholeness, and confidence in a way that truly works for those with a history of trauma. 


Bachelor of Science

Natural Health Educator

Natural Health Therapist

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Certified Trauma Practitioner - Level 1