Why Story? Because everyone has a story. 

Stories inspire us, move us, teach us.
Here are just a few stories from the clients of Groundswell Healing.
These clients are sharing their stories to encourage others-to encourage you. 

Allow them to inspire you and move you.
Maybe their story is a lot like theirs. 


Making Lifestyle Changes

I have been working with Asher since late last summer and have loved it. Asher has helped me to make some big changes in my life at my own pace, the biggest being introducing me to the paleo lifestyle! I was so hesitant at first and now I absolutely love it and am learning how to make it work for me. She is supportive and extremely knowledgeable in her field.

-Abbie Stephens

A Kiddo and Skin Infections

My son was about 18 months old when he developed a rash that I suspected was a staph infection. I immediately did a lot of reading and research on my own, but came to see Asher at Groundswell Healing because I wanted a professional opinion and guidance that I was on the right track with the treatments I had already implemented. I was very pleased with the support I received, especially in regards to making the most effective choices to support my child’s body in fighting and healing from the infection without the use of conventional medical treatments. We found Asher a knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive practitioner. After taking some time to get to know us, she advised me on herbal, homeopathic and nutritional supports, and my son recovered completely from the staph infection within about two weeks or so - without the use of antibiotics or any complications or recurrences. Asher has been a source of support to us ever since, and we are so glad to know her.

-Lea Shelton

Colic-y Babies

I have been taking my daughter to see Asher for a couple of months now and the experience is life changing! My daughter was plagued with tummy troubles that I just couldn't figure out. I took her to her pediatrician who wrote her a prescription in hopes it would help. She screamed non stop. I was looking for help and knew that I didn't want to medicate just to see if it would work. Asher's name came up as an alternative to Western medication. I was quick to make an appointment and am so happy that I did! Asher took time to get to know me and my daughter (even with my 2 year old taking apart her office!). She was very thoughtful and thorough making sure to answer any and all questions I had. Asher is great at what she does! I am grateful every day for making that first appointment and getting to know such a wonderful person!  

-Carrie Rains

Food, Stress, and Finding Peace

Our family loves Asher. She has a magic way with children…children of all ages, even us big ones. Gavin really looks forward to our visits with Asher. She has helped our family find balance through diet modifications and peace with her energy work.

Asher is very supportive by nature and you will know that as soon as you meet her. Her wisdom guides you on your own unique journey and she promotes the growth of your healthy roots.

-Danielle Haik

Digestive Troubles

"Asher helped me get rid of a digestive problem I have had as long as I can remember.  After trying a few dietary changes, we found something that worked wonderfully! She listens well and is very patient, even when I resist."

-John Davidson

Hormones and Nutrition

"I have been seeing Asher for over one year.  One thing that I value the most is the quality time that Asher gives her clients.  When I see a medical doctor I am lucky if they spend more than five minutes in the room talking to me.  Asher takes the time to know get to know you and understand your concerns and health and wellness goals.  Asher is also very knowledgeable and resourceful.  I like to ask a lot of questions and she not only responds to all of my questions about supplements, hormones, nutrition, and other subjects, but is able to point me to additional resources of information.  Asher also knows how to ask the right questions to stimulate personal reflection and gives encouragement and a long term perspective on achieving difficult or long range goals.  Asher is caring, joyful, honest, and respectful.  I am very happy to be working with her on my personal plan for better health and wellness."

Knowledge and Approachability

"I know Asher as a friend, a teacher, and a healer. I believe that one of her biggest strengths is her passion for teaching and empowering others. I have attended several of Asher’s classes and have been awe struck by her knowledge and her willingness to adapt her classes to suit the questions and concerns of her students. Asher is very adept at making the natural health world seem less intimidating, and tailoring it to the diverse needs of individuals and families.  Above all, Asher is a great friend to those she comes into contact with. She is passionate about building community and support around the sometimes challenging process of adopting a more natural lifestyle. Even in her personal life, Asher makes it a priority to bring people together to walk and grow on this journey side by side."

Working Through Trauma

"Asher has helped me learn skills and develop techniques that everyone should have in order to take loving care of their whole selves. Apart from providing me with guidance on physical health and nutrition questions, she has been a vital part of improving my emotional health. Asher is aware of the flexible pace required of the healing process. She knows when I need to be pushed to take the next step, and she is gentle, caring and compassionate when we work through very painful, difficult experiences. With Asher’s help, I have been able to develop a stronger sense of self and have started to believe that I have value as a human being. Period. Regardless of anything else. I am incredibly grateful for her knowledgeable guidance, her dedication to natural health, and the comprehensive approach she has provided, and will continue to provide on my healing journey."

Menstrual Issues

"One thing I have appreciated about Asher (among many things) is her respectful approach to healing.  She respects my journey, and is aware that not everyone arrives at the same point in their health journey at the same time.  Some of us need a little extra time to "get it." Asher creates a hospitable space for me to process and her presence with me on this journey is encouraging.  

I began working with Asher because I was having very heavy periods every couple of weeks. Since working together with her I feel that I have a better handle how I need to eat to take to take care of my body, and have experienced a significant change for the better: I am no longer having heavy, week-long periods every couple of weeks!

I would (and do!) recommend Asher to others!”

Stress, Emotions, and Unexplained Pain

I have had the pleasure of knowing Asher for several years, but only recently became her client.  In only a few short months, I have noticed a profound change in my ability to be well, physically and emotionally.

As a driven, Type A perfectionist, I have often struggled with the ability to embrace peace, give myself time to recharge, and be at peace when I realize I cannot conquer the world overnight.  These traits have manifested themselves in unhealthy ways, including eating disorders, near-nervous breakdowns, irritability, and a desire to drive myself to the point of utter exhaustion among others.  I knew that simply addressing the symptoms wouldn’t provide the peace that I sought; however, I was also reluctant to explore the root causes with others, for fear of being seen as weak.

During the first several months of seeing Asher, I immediately began to notice a change.  Through our conversations and her healing touch, I began to experience the release of energy that had been focused in my hip and knee, places that had previously experienced a degree of soreness and occasional moderate to severe pain.  Even more importantly, my mental and emotional thought patterns began to shift; while I was still driven and focused, I became less negative, more comfortable with not accomplishing everything at once, and better able to embrace periods of simply “being,” without feeling guilty for not always being productive.

My journey is far from over, that I know.  Yet, because of Asher’s care, patience and dedication, I have no doubt that I will continue to be at greater peace physically and emotionally.

Thanks, Asher!