Payment plans?

Alternate payment arrangements can be made for individuals who are committed to the process but need to make smaller, more frequent payments in order to afford services.

A limited amount of sliding scale accommodations are available to individuals who demonstrate financial need, are willing to sign an agreement AND are either: 
1) A survivor of trauma
2) Are an individual with a physical disability or are caring for someone who has a physical disability.

If you are in need of a sliding scale please make arrangements with us before you come in for your first appointment. 

What should I bring with me?

1) Completed Paperwork. If your paperwork is not completed you will need to complete it at the appointment. This time will take away from your appointment time, so we encourage you to come with your paperwork already completed.

2) Current medications and supplements. 

3) Payment

4) Questions and goals. We'll explore this more together, but it's helpful, at the beginning of a journey, to have an idea of where you'd like to land.

Do you have experience with?

A good question, though one that is difficult to answer. As you've read elsewhere on our site, we don't treat conditions (in fact, only MDs are authorized to diagnose, treat or cure!). Rather, we work with each individual as a whole, in the context of their life and life experiences. So one person who is struggling with a similar situation to yours may have a vastly different plan, given all the different factors involved. Your healing journey will be uniquely yours. We'll be able to answer more of your specific questions about time, methods, and modalities at your initial appointment.

We have supported people, both children and adults, with a variety of situations, including infertility, anxiety, depression, sensory integration, history of trauma, addiction, menstrual concerns, disordered eating, nervous system concerns, glandular struggles, colds and acute illnesses,

We accept cash (exact change, please), check, and credit card processing via Square. Please note that there is a $1 fee for every $30 charged via square. Full payment is expected at the time of your appointment.


How often do I need to schedule?

For best results it is recommended to come once/month. In some situations you may need to come in more often. After you attain your goals our focus will shift to maintainence and prevention. At that point we will re-evaluate frequency.