Yarrow. Photo by Asher Thayer. Summer 2013


All of you.

Your thoughts, feelings, relationships.
Your job, family, your genetics.
The food you eat, the sleep you (don’t) get
Your joys and your sorrows.

All of it makes up all of you, as you are today.

All of it, then, matters when you’re well
and when you’re not.

Illness, or dis-ease, occurs when any one (or more) of the things that make you the wonderful you that you are, are out of balance. All dis-ease, then, is a symptom of disorder within the body.

Naturopathy is a philosophy of wellness that operates on the core belief that, when the body has all it needs, the body will heal itself. This healing isn’t limited to dehydration or headaches (which, are often linked!), but includes ANY disease or dysfunction--within each of us dwells innate healing abilities.

The Naturopath, then, does not diagnose, treat or cure a single thing. What they do, however, is help identify the ways in which the body is suffering out of balance and provide suggestions, education, support, and encouragement as a person works to correct the imbalance within them. By addressing the underlying cause, the unpleasant disease, a symptom of the imbalance, then dissolves.

Naturopathy is completely noninvasive and utilizes natural therapies that are potent, effective, and gentle. Such therapies work with the body and support its own efforts and ability to come into balance and health.

Most importantly, Naturopathy is a journey of discovery and movement towards health and wholeness. Just as we did not become out of balance overnight, we cannot expect to become well overnight. Though not a quick fix that is solely designed to minimize our discomfort instead of truly healing us,  Naturopathy empowers us on a life-long pursuit towards health; to the fully-integrated, wholly-well people we were always meant to be.


Who Can Naturopathy help?

The short answer is: EVERYONE! And, most importantly: YOU.

Asher's successfully supported and helped many different people, from many different backgrounds, with many different health concerns. Each person has had their own unique journey while learning restore balance to their bodies and lives.

Colic-y babies
Breastfeeding concerns
Food Intolerances/Allergies
Anxiety and depression
Compulsion disorders
Eating Disorders
Behavioral concerns
Menstrual concerns
Hot flashes
Unexplained pain and fatigue
Lowered immunity
Chronic Infection
Stressed-related illnesses
Chronic headaches/Migraines
Thyroid Dysfunction
Adrenal weakness
Kidney/Urinary complaints