Who Are We For?

Naturopathy is for everyone. It's always been for everyone. That said, we understand that not every practice or practitioner is for everyone. We want you to find the practitioner that's right for you and the journey you'll be embarking on.

Groundswell Healing works with people from all walks of life.
We are proud to be a safe space for all people.

We're for anyone who is looking for a way to be well that utilizes nature in a safe, effective way. We're for people who are looking for more than a quick fix, but have a curiosity about what is causing the discomfort and dis-ease and a desire to get to the root of it all.

We'll work with anyone motivated and committed to their health, although we specialize in working with kids and their families, survivors of trauma, people with disabilities, and mamas.

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Kids + Families

Kids. Kids are great. Asher's worked with kids in various capacities for over 10 years! You know who else is great? Their families. Kids typically do very well with natural health! And they do even better if it's a family endeavor.  When multiple members of a family are coming in for appointments, we work to make sure all the plans are achievable. 

Trauma survivors

Asher is the only naturopath in the West Michigan area who is also a Certified Trauma Specialist. There is no shame in surviving, and when trauma is a part of your history healing needs to be approached differently. Asher's goal is you, empowered and whole, feeling strong and safe as you work towards your health and healing goals while honoring your unique story and, when appropriate, exploring the themes of trauma.

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Individuals with disabilities

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